In the era of "information overload" coupled with deliberate "misinformation," it's more difficult than ever to determine who's telling the truth about science, what to pay attention to, and how any of it actually applies to your life. Science Summarized is a blog dedicated to making science relevant to you by delivering interesting, fact-based science in short posts. Each post begins with a TL;DR (an Internet term for "short summary") that highlights the important takeaway, saving you from spending your time dissecting long articles and complicated journals.

Lauren Parikhal

Science Summarized was founded by Lauren Parikhal, a neuroscientist-turned-writer who believes in science's power to influence people when communicated in a succinct and engaging way (read why she believes that is important here). Lauren is a published journal author from her time as an MIT researcher and has worked as a PR and communications professional for global biotechnology, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.